Maintenance and Support Technician
Graphic Specialist
Web Developer
508 Expert


High School [x] Yes [ ] No

Elkins Photography Dallas, TX Associates Degree
N.T.C.I. Electronics Sherman, TX Associates Degree
Helicopter Flight Training Jenarette, LA
CompTIA Network + Executrain Ft Wayne, IN
Section 508 Completed Courses and Certified
1. Designing Accessible Web Sites
2. Accessible Conferences
3. Buying Accessible E & IT
4. Section 508 Coordinators
5. Additional Accessibility & Usability Concerns
6. Accessible Video and Multimedia
7. Building and Buying Accessible Software
8. Buying Accessible Computers
9. Opening Closed Products
10. Micro-purchases and Section 508
11. Buying Accessible Telecommunications Products
F.A.C.E. Training, Facial Expression, Awareness, Compassion, Emotions.
Advanced METT (Micro Expression Training Tools) Paul Ekman Group
Expert METT (Micro Expression Training Tools) Paul Ekman Group
SETT (Subtle Expression Training Tools) Paul Ekman Group


Nov. 2014 to Present - unemployed

Dec. 2012 to Nov. 2014 - Allen County Public Library
Security Officer and Security Support Liaison.

In this position I assist patrons that are using the library system. This library is extensive in that it over 500,00 thousand square feet in the main branch and on top of that there are 13 branch libraries. My duties may include assisting patrons in any number of ways including help with research and the seeking of general information. I am responsible to see that library policies are adhered to and carried out. I am always watchful of potential issues that may arise that could be hazardous or criminal in nature. Duties in this role also include the courier deliveries of mail, parcels and library media to all the branches and all the departments of the library. And frequent runs to the bank or post office. I am also required to understand and use the Dewey decimal System as a fill in librarian when necessary.

June 2011 to Dec. 2012 -Allen County Public Library
Control Room Operator for the NEIRRS (Northeast Indiana Radio Readers Service)
My duties consisted of assuring the radio station was operating smoothly and efficiently. Making sure programming was kept on schedule. Making quality productions of pre-recorded and live radio shows.

January 2005-Ongoing - Book Production and Publishing
Various Authors Names and contact information available upon request.
Technical Book Production / Formatting

Create and produce books in novel text format as well children's book format for various authors. Set up and paginate, prepare books in CYMK for print according to specific printers profiles. Illustration, coloring, and composition, font selection or font production. I have set up publishing companies, coordinating the copyright, trademark, and and creating corporate or company identities as well as securing and making ISBN images for print. Help create marketing strategies and promotional campaigns including creating the marketing material myself in pursuit of sponsors and grants as well as general public retail.

June 2005-Nov 2005 Contract Web Development / Graphic Designer / 508 Expert
Employer- Professional Solutions 703-823-2698
Graphic Specialist Rate or Grade 23 / Web Developer / 508 Expert

Support and build a variety of projects to include multimedia and website development, design, maintenance and revisions; planning and design of special projects. Particularly computer based training courses, (CBT) Web based training courses, (WBT). Duties included project management, script review, storyboarding, working directly with instructional designers to properly portray the requirements for the required lesson modules and creation in raster and vector format.

During 2004 Part Time Short Term Telephone Support Technician
Employer- Bayou Internet 318-323-0011
Telephone Support For Internet Customers

Provide direct and instructional support and problem resolution for internet customers dial up and DSL (hardware and software) on a variety of operating systems. Duties included configuring and troubleshooting supported services (i.e., e-mail, remote access) in addition to assisting with the configuration and troubleshooting of supported operating systems and software. Also maintained customer surveys, billing details, data entry, customer logs.


Jan 2000-June 2005 Contract Web Development/Graphic Designer
Employer- Self
Head Graphic Designer/Web Developer

Supports a variety of projects to include multimedia and website development, design, maintenance and revisions; advertising, consulting & planning, design of newspaper and magazine advertisements, album cover design. Duties included project and people management, script review, storyboarding, working directly with marketing to properly portray the requirements for the required corporate/company image, character and prop creation in vector format. Client communication, project management & maintenance of web sites, composing designs and producing business cards, letterheads, brochures, and catalogs.

Jan 1999-Jan 2001 Contract Computer Maintenance Technician Independent Subcontracting: U.S. Marshals S.O.G.
Employer- Glen Bryant 318-640-5563
Computer Maintenance Technician

Assisting in maintaining the overall computer and network security, reliability and integrity. Troubleshooting and correcting hardware and software as well as network problems. Assisted in the designing and build computer and networking systems for conventional and specialized applications. Design and produce various multi media and Powerpoint presentations for agent training.

Design graphics for training facilities.

Jan 1986- Jan 2000 Enchantment Graphics/ Bluemoon Studios
Senior Graphic Designer/Project Manager

Development of a variety of marketing, and creative projects for basic and larger scale clients. Duties included project conception and goals. People management, script review, story-boarding, working directly with marketing to properly portray the corporate/company image requirements, art direction in designing various and diverse ad campaigns, hand illustration in various mediums. Project contract reviews & pricing of services, project management, client consulting, team leadership, content review, designing project comps, implementing templates, maintenance & documentation. Client communication, project management, composing designs and producing business cards, letterheads, brochures, and catalogs.  

Aug 1995- Jun 1996 MMI Motorcycle Mechanics Institute

Taught Harley Davidson Motorcycle Career Technicians how to troubleshoot and repair Harley Davidson motorcycles. Wrote and designed teaching aids and tools, and set up class curriculum. Worked with factory representatives and engineers on making a better service oriented dealerships and technicians. Organized materials for various special training sessions, prepared exam exercises. And assisted in the development and execution of the continuing education distance learning program known as PHD.


* 508 Accessibility Advisor and Expert
* Maintain Computer & Network Security, Reliability & Integrity
* Troubleshoot & Correct Hardware/Software Problems
* Assist in Design/Building Computer & Network Systems
* Assist in Design/Building of Conventional and Specialized Applications
* Design/Produce Multi-Media and PowerPoint Presentations
* Owner/Operator/Manager of Graphics Company/Tattoo & Piercing Studio
* Design Training Facility Graphics
* Internet Provider Tech Support
* Development of Production & Training Techniques
* Plan & Prepare Public Relations/Advertising Campaigns
* Design a Variety of Graphics (Billboards, Print Ads, Classical to Modern)
* Design Graphics in a Variety of Mediums Ranging from Traditional to Computer
* Design and Build Web Sites
* Personnel Supervision
* Financial and Payroll Management
* Work Scheduling
* Customer Service
* Counter Sales

  Other Relevant Information:

2d & 3d Design, Color Studies, Graphic Design, Advertising, Typography, Computer Illustration, Animation, Multimedia, Book & Editorial Layout, Hand Illustration, Identity & Campaign Design, Marketing, Animation & Video Production, Graphic Design Studio, Portfolio

  Computer Proficiency   Operating Systems Windows NT/98/2000/XP Operating Systems Macintosh 7.0 - OSX Operating Systems, FreeBSD
Various distributions of Linux   Software Expertise in Dreamweaver, Freehand, Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, Illustrator, InDesign, Image Ready, Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Office and Excel.
Strong knowledge base in Macromedia Flash, Fireworks, QuarkXpress 4.1, Microsoft Access, JAWS.   Internet Technology Site design and hand-authoring of HTML and CSS, basic code writing of Java Script and Action Script, interaction with XML, PHP, Java and Java Script within websites, intranets and extranets, design and use of online administration applications, knowledge of W3C standards , ADL, SCORM, (Best Practices For Content Developers), Section 508 Compliance , various operating systems and web browser incompatibilities.
CompTIA Network+

Community  Volunteer Efforts:

February 2006-Ongoing - Television and Radio Production Volunteer
Community Access Producer/Camera Operator/Audio Tech/Editor
Create and produce television shows. Operate television cameras in studio and at remote locations. Audio technician. Edit using editing software. Occasionally act as floor director.

2009 to Current - River Greenway Bicycle Trails
As a Greenway Ranger my duties are to see that my zone or my section of the trail is safe and free of trash and debris. Also I am there to assist any riders, walkers or joggers if the need should arise. There are times when we have to interact with the police or other officials.

2010 to Current - Fort Wayne Trails Ride Leader
In this capacity I volunteer as a ride leader several times a month on bicycle rides hosted by the city of Fort Wayne. I will ride in one of three or positions either in the leading, middle or sweeping position as we lead a group of riders on different sections of the bicycle trails and back to the original starting point. We may be called upon to administer first aid or to help someone with a mechanical issue with their bicycle.