Date: October 12, 2005
To Whom it May Concern:

Reference: Recommendation of John Dorrill

My name is Jason Holmes. I am a police officer of 12 years with the Alexandria Police
Department in Alexandria Louisiana. I have known John for approximately 15 years. I first
met John when I was in the military and home on leave. I met him through a mutual friend
and we have known each other ever since. Since becoming acquainted with John, I have
always had a very high opinion of him. He has a diligence for outstanding performance in
every area I have known him to become employed. He carries a very high professional
standard with him whenever given the opportunity of employment. I have known him to
have a few different occupations over the past 15 years, and know that he has always
become excited to learn and accel at whatever opportunity he has been given. I know that
any opportunity that you may show him, he will be more then delighted to show you that he
IS the best person for the job. His work ethics are second to none. His attitude toward life
is one that has made him one of the most respected people in my life that I have EVER had
the priviledge of getting to know. Just having John around you for a short time, lets you
know that good, decent and upstanding people still exist in our world. I know that if I were
to open my own business, ANY BUSINESS, that he would the very first person I would
contact and offer a position within my company. I highly recommend John Dorrill for ANY
position he feels he can put his efforts into. I have that much faith in this man.
If there is any questions that anyone would like to ask me of Mr. Dorrill, I am listing my
address and phone numbers below. I am free to answer any of your questions, day or night.

Thank you.

Jason Holmes
503 Riverside Dr.
Pineville, Louisiana 71360
hm: 318-484-6197
wk: 318-441-6470
cell: 318-792-9878
voice pager: 318-449-6555
work address: 1000 Bolton Ave.
Alexandria, Louisiana 71301